33 to Nothing – New York, NY

l_a5a564d1a9e4d0a411c525c573572e3alogoThe Wild Project
New York, New York


Taking place during one alcohol laced rehearsal, 33 to Nothing rocks hard and breaks hearts. This downtown NYC garage band is on the edge of breaking-up as the lead singer and his boyfriend (also in the band) are, er, breaking-up. With each year that passes that they aren’t rock stars the incessant pull of adulthood becomes harder to ignore.  With more axes to grind than grinding the ax is it even worth staying together? All of the actor’s play their own instruments and all of the musicians act their own lines in this high-octane rock drama guaranteed to remind you that you, too, could have been a famous rocker, if only …


Preston Clarke
Ken Forman
John B. Good
Amanda Gruss
Grant James Varjas

Grant James Varjas – Writer
Randal Myler – Director
Keith Levenson – Musical Director



New York City Opens First Eco-Friendly Theatre
by Adam Hetrick
28 June 2007

New York City and the Off Off-Broadway community will christen the city’s first “green” theatre when The Wild Project revives its production of 33 to Nothing. After a sold-out engagement in 2006, Grant James Varjas’ play with music, 33 to Nothing, will begin an open-ended run with previews beginning July 19 and an official opening set for July 25. Click here for the full article.


Flailing Through Life With Songs, Love and Breakups
Gwen Orel
Published March 14, 2006

“33 to Nothing” has a good beat. You can dance to it. Or, at least, nod your head to its downtown Bowie-cum-Coldplay groove. Labeled a “play with music,” this latest production from the Argo Theater Company about a band’s breakup is a cross between a play and a house concert. Although some of the best musicians don’t act very well, and some of the best actors have more attitude than musical chops, it’s a lively experiment that combines heartache, humor and powerful songs. Click here for the full review.


Helen Shawtony_logo_small_new
Time Out New York / Issue 546: March 16–22, 2006

Breaking up is hard to do. That goes double if you’re a band. And as anyone from Fleetwood Mac or ABBA could tell you, busting up romantically while breaking up as a band is difficult on an intergalactic scale. So when the rock combo in Grant James Varjas’s adorable 33 to Nothing starts pulling apart during a vodka-fueled rehearsal, we know the five bandmates are in for a hard day (and the attendant hard night). Click here for the full review.
March 08, 2006
By Andy PropstBACKSTAGE2

While I am not sure the world needs another play with a gay central character who is a sexually ravenous alcoholic and fears commitment, Grant James Varjas’ 33 to Nothing does present this stereotype in a somewhat fresh light. Click here for full review


April 7, 2006

Grant James Varjas’ new play, “33 to Nothing” is set in a rehearsal studio in Hoboken. Running through April (Bottle Factory Theater, 193 East 3rd), it explores the lifeworld of the rehearsal studio through musical performance and theater. We watch as an indie band disintegrates. Directed by John Good, the performance offers a snapshot of familiar cultural history to the millions of unsigned bands that erupted after punk liberated the means of production for the kids. Signed or unsigned, our musical tribes offer members a vision of possibility, a reason to live. Click here for full review.


Off Broadway Theatre Goes Greenvarietylogo
Wild Project Makes Venue Eco-friendly
by Sam Thielman

June 27, 2007


Off Broadway is going green: The recently remodeled Wild Project (formerly the Bottle Factory Theater) on the Lower East Side will include low-flush toilets, rooftop solar panels and organic concessions in its new incarnation. The theater will also use an eco-friendly ZAP car in its advertising. Click here for full article.
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