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JBL Professional Debuts VerTec Subcompact Suspension Accessories At Prolight & Sound 2011

Enables quick assembly of variable curvature vertical or modular constant-curvature horizontal line arrays


April 08, 2011, by PSW Staff



At Prolight & Sound 2011, JBL Professional has unveiled the latest suspension hardware accessories for its VerTec subcompact line arrays.

The new hardware enables quick assembly of variable curvature vertical or modular constant-curvature horizontal line arrays.

In addition to the standard VT4886-AF array frame for suspending up to 24 boxes, along with the VT4886-UB and –UB1 for supporting smaller groups of loudspeakers, the line of equipment now includes the VT4886-SF short frame, the VT4886-HB horizontal bar, and VT4886-DF88 and VT4886-DF89 downfill frames.

The VerTec subcompact system is specifically designed to be one of the most versatile tools in a portable sound rental company’s inventory. Application flexibility also ensures VT4886 and VT4883 elements provide effective sound design tools for performance audio facility system designers.

“Since its launch a year ago, the VT4886 has quickly become known as an all-purpose type of loudspeaker with many different uses, from single standalone fill speakers to complex, mixed full-range and subwoofer arrays,” states Paul Bauman, director of tour sound product and application engineering, JBL Professional. “The introduction of these new suspension accessories will complement this speaker’s flexibility by opening up a world of new application possibilities from a sound design perspective. In many ways, the accessories ‘make the product’ for a loudspeaker as versatile as the VT4886.”

“The new suspension frames add a great deal of flexibility to these loudspeakers for system designers,” observs Eric Stahlhammer, a USA-based independent sound designer who frequently uses line array system for theatrical productions and corporate events worldwide. “I recently did a 6-box center array of VT4886’s using the new VT4886-HB. This let me easily plan and then execute a focused, overhead sound source in exactly the right position, to support presenters onstage at a global business conference.”

The VT4886-SF short frame suspends VT4886 arrays by coupling to existing integrated hardware on the VERTEC enclosures, and works well when limited space is available above or behind the array due to wall surfaces or venue obstructions.

Weighing just 5.6 kg (12.8 lb), the machined- aluminum frame with receiver blocks is fitted with steel quick-release pins and restraining lanyards. A pullback point enables attachment to the bottom of an array to enable radical downward angles.

The VT4886-HB horizontal bar can suspend up to six horizontally-oriented VT4886 line array elements, enabling the assembly of constant-coverage arrays that are useful for center fill and other applications.

The VT4886-DF88 and VT4886-DF89 downfill frames each support up to eight VT4886 subcompact line array elements. The VT4886-DF88 connects the elements beneath midsize VT4888 full-range or VT4882 subwoofer arrays, while the VT4886-DF89 suspends the elements beneath full-size VT4889/VT4889-1 full-range or VT4880/VT4880A subwoofer arrays.

The two strong, lightweight downfill frames weigh in at 11.3 kg (25 lb) and 13.4 kg (29.5 lb), respectively.


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