Laughing Maters ’09 – Sarasota, FL

Florida Studio Theatre

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Laughing Matters ’09

Developed by Rebecca Langford, Stephan deGhelder, Jim Prosser, Nick Santa Maria, Chris Friday, W Joseph Matheson & Adam Ratner
March 24 thru June 6
In the Goldstein Cabaretoriginal


Laughing Matters…2009 • A new year. A new President. A new edition of Laughing Matters. From celebrity obsessions to economic recessions, 08-09 promises to offer an abundance of hysterical opportunities. This is a musical Saturday Night Live for Sarasota! It’s an evening of comedy satire on our culture and politics of the day. Whether you lean left, right, or circular, there will be no clean getaways when Laughing Matters…2009 hits the stage!