Love, Janis – Kansas City, MO

originalLove, Janis

Conceived & adapted by Randal Myler – directed by Randal Myler
Inspired by the book “Love, Janis” by Laura Joplin

Copaken Stage-13th & Walnut

Feb. 2-Mar. 18, 2007
Kansas City Premiere


“Try just a little bit harder.” No other words could as aptly describe the life of rock and roll legend Janis Joplin. Her strong spirit and commanding music will explode onto the Rep’s brand new downtown stage in this musical tribute to a 60’s icon who lived hard and died young. Based upon letters to her family and actual press interviews, this powerful biography takes you into the mind of the superstar. Her passion and energy became the voice for a generation that was fervent, idealistic, confused and eager for change. Forty years later her music is still so powerful and full of drive that you won’t need to be a Joplin fan to see why the New York Post said Love, Janis is “an enormously crowd-pleasing hit.”

Contains strong language, sexual references and drug abuse.
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