My Mother’s Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding – Auburn, NY

Finger Lakes Musical Theatre Festival


What happens when your divorced Mom falls in love and decides to get remarried, but not in the conventional way? A hilarious and heartfelt true story that celebrates love in all its forms! The hit of the 2009 Toronto Fringe and the 2010 New York Musical Theater Festival, My Mother’s Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding will make you laugh, cry and realize that nothing’s impossible and that we can all get along if we just keep our sense of humor.

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Cast List

Eric Anthony (Musical Director/Keyboard 1/US David) Pedar Benson Bate (Ensemble)
Amber Carson (Ensemble/US Claire) Scott Charles Jr. (Young David/Ensemble)
Julie Dingman Evans (Claire) David Hein (David)
Mary Claire King (Ensemble) Christopher Ryan (Garth/Ensemble)
Irene Sankoff (Irene/Ensemble)  Rachael Scarr (Female Cover)
Erica Schroeder (Jane) Joe Wood (US Young David)