Vi6 is A Starcatcher

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La Jolla, CA (March 12, 2009)–The La Jolla Playhouse recently selected a Soundcraft Vi6 digital mixing for Peter and the Starcatchers, a new play presented in the Playhouse’s Sheila and Hughes Potiker Theater.


Eric Stahlhammer, co-sound designer for Peter and the Starcatchers, selected the Vi6 and noted, “With all of the show’s versatile and difficult requirements, the sound engineers have the ability to showcase what the Vi6 can do. This show demonstrates how powerful the Vi6 can be in the theater market, as the desk allows engineers to work faster, more intelligently and more productively.”


La Jolla Playhouse’s production manager, Peter Davis, observed, “This show is a great opportunity to experiment with the Soundcraft Vi6 and to see how applicable the desk is to our market. Being able to master the Vi6 in a few hours makes it a desired tool. In an industry where attention to detail is at its highest, it is a critical advantage that an engineer has the ability to execute the designer’s vision without overcomplicating things.”


The Soundcraft Vi6 digital console features Vistonics II technology that reportedly allows users to quickly adapt to the digital settings. “The Vistonics are great and I was able to fully operate the Vi6 after two days of working on the console,” continued Stahlhammer. “The intuitive interface is outstanding as I can control each function right where I’m looking. In an application as complicated as Peter and the Starcatchers, the engineers need the ability to be flexible and adapt to the performance.”


La Jolla Playhouse